Our Service

Company Register Services

  • Documents preparation Service
  • Business registration Services
  • Post-establishment registration services

TAX Services

  • Tax Assessment with the In-charge Tax Authority;
  • Installation of the Tax Invoicing System;
  • Tax Filings;
  • Optimization of the Payment Procedure;
  • Application for VAT General Taxpayer Qualification
  • Bookkeeping Services.

Advisory Services

  • Business Advisory
  • TAX Advisory
  • Supporting Advisory

Industries Services

  • Logistics Industry
  • Medical Devices Industry
  • Construction Engineering Industry
  • Funds/ Assets Management Industry
  • Human Resource Industry
  • Catering Industry
  • Financial Leasing Industry

Corporation Supporting Services

  • Trademark Registration Service
  • Personnel Agency
  • Office Leasing
  • IT Supporting Service

More Services

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Spirit of Enterprise

Guiding Principle (Quality Policy)

? Think big, Do small
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